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Master Planned

Villages at Twin Rivers is Waco's first, premier master-planned community. Master-planned means masterfully designed for natural beauty and harmonious architecture. A master-planned community typically features attractive entranceways, carefully created recreational areas and a landscaping design that anchors the look of the neighborhood.

With landscaped green spaces, view corridors and recreational opportunities, we've created congenial ways at Twin Rivers to be sociable without compromising your privacy.

Unlike an architect building a single home with no one else in mind, our master-plan creates the environment that supports each home in the Villages.

Not all master-planned communities provide so many options as you'll find at Twin Rivers. Some dictate a select group of floor plans and exteriors. When you build in our Villages, your taste shines through. But choice won't lead to chaos. Our overall design fosters orderly, stable and protected growth - ensuring your investment and guaranteeing that you're surrounded only by the quality you desire.

Ensuring the perfect backdrop for your home.

We know the importance of settling in without settling for. And like you, we want only the best. That's why the developers of Villages at Twin Rivers have chosen to bring the first true master-planned community to the Waco area.

You don't have to leave your high-quality home and a first-class address to chance. In the master-planned manner, the Villages preserves property values and the quality of life you're counting on through protective?deed restrictions?(as well as?guidelines?for builders) leaving plenty of flexibility for personality and charm.



At Twin Rivers, recreational opportunities are around every bend. You only have to step outside.

Each village is linked to the other and to the lake by a lavish green space, complete with the convenience of a generous sidewalk and a track for walkers, joggers, bladers and bicyclists.

Fully landscaped areas and golf course overlooks build views into your workout. For variety, zip over to the 3-acre recreation center. Swim to your heart's content in the swimming pool. A fully equipped bathhouse adds an extra element of convenience and luxury. Sneak in a set or two on one of the tennis courts or bring your children to the safe and kid-friendly playground.

Even if you're one of the first buyers, you won't have to wait long for a place to play. Construction on the center will begin with the close of the first 50 lots.


You put a lot into a new home - time, energy, love, and, of course, money. We want to make sure your investment has the best possible return.

A master-planned community not only provides the overall design and recreational amenities that initially enhance property values - it also builds in avenues such as?deed restrictions?and?guidelines?that over the long term help to keep your property value high. A?Homeowner's Association?will address ongoing issues as they arise based on carefully developed?bylaws.

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Homes do not stand alone. Adjoining property can play an incredibly powerful role in land value - an influence that is not always predictable. By creating an entire community rather than just one home, by working under a master plan, the Villages protects each and every home.